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Garden & pool renovation

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05-Dec-2022 - 24-Dec-2022


Spring 10 Emirates living

Project Description

Our company excels in providing services for numerous renovation projects. Our experienced team has completed several successful projects over the years, such as pool renovation, garden renovation, flower bed installation, artificial grass installation, glass installation, demolishing of walls and adding of doors, barbecue counter installation, renovation of pergolas, installation of the fence for the pump room and pergola, and installation of seating area tiles. Our staff is dedicated and hardworking, taking extra care to ensure that each project is completed to the highest standard. 

Our agile and experienced experts have always worked towards providing excellent services to our clients, and the list of work they presented was no exception. They took on every challenge with utmost professionalism. The pool renovation was a complex job. It involved removing the existing equipment and eliminating algae, refilling the pool and finally giving it a new look with the tiles, steps, and walls. During the garden renovation, they had to manage and remove the weeds, replace the soil, sow the grass and other plants and planter boxes, and make other necessary additions. There was creative thinking required for the flower beds and carves. The artificial grass installation was also significant; our experts efficiently installed turf using heavy-duty tools.

Similarly, glass installation was tricky, but our team handled it with utmost care and expertise. Demolishing walls and adding a door also required special knowledge, ensuring that all the codes were strictly followed and the door was installed properly. Our team diligently followed professional standards for the barbecue counter installation and procured only quality materials. With the pergola renovation and pump room installation, our team worked towards outlining the desirable designs and delivering the best possible results with their expertise and modern tools. Lastly, they also did a perfect job on the seating area tiles installation, which took precision and accurate measurements. Overall, our team successfully handled all the challenges and delivered excellent services to the clients.

Thank you very much for all your help with the driveway project. It came out great and we are very pleased with it!


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