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Premium Quality Artificial Grass Carpets in Dubai

Artificial grass carpets from Al Musthafa Landscape provide a lush, vibrant, and realistic-looking alternative to natural grass. As leading suppliers and installers of artificial turf in Dubai and across the UAE, we offer premium quality synthetic grass carpets perfect for gardens, balconies, rooftops, pool surrounds and more.

With over decade of experience landscaping stunning residential and commercial projects across the Emirates, we understand how to enhance the beauty of any outdoor space with our durable, low maintenance grass carpets.

Why Choose Artificial Grass Carpets for Your Dubai Home or Business?

Investing in a high-quality artificial grass carpet from Al Musthafa Landscape offers numerous benefits compared to natural grass or other types of flooring:


Realistic Appearance and Texture


Our artificial turf is made from soft, polyethylene grass fibers with a lush, vibrant green color. The blades are designed to look and feel like real grass, complete with thatched detailing. Whether you choose a short-pile carpet for a contemporary look or long-pile for a more natural effect, our grass carpets create a convincingly real lawn.


Hardwearing and Weather Resistant


Expertly constructed from durable materials and UV-protected to avoid fading, our artificial grass is built to withstand the hot Dubai climate. It won’t wear down from regular foot traffic and resists everything from rain and sandstorms to pool chemicals. We provide highly durable carpets designed to last over 20 years with minimal maintenance required.


Child and Pet Friendly


The incredibly soft, lush fibers make our grass carpets perfect for children and pets to play on safely. The durable backing and intricate drainage system also allow the turf to dry fast after rain or watering. Plus, you’ll never need to worry about mud traipsed through the house!


Customizable Size and Shape


Whether you’re looking to cover a small balcony or transform an expansive garden, our experienced team can create and install custom-sized grass carpets to suit the exact dimensions of your space. Choose from different pile heights and blade tones too for your perfect lawn.


Fast and Professional Installation


Shop for premium quality grass carpets online and let our skilled landscapers handle the installation. We make the process fast and hassle-free, preparing the base properly before precisely cutting and fitting your new lush green turf.

Where Can Artificial Grass Carpets Be Used in Dubai?

From residential gardens and communal areas to hotel pools and rooftop terraces, artificial grass offers endless possibilities for enhancing spaces across Dubai and the UAE:


Gardens and Yards


Swap tired looking patches of grass for a vibrant green carpet covering your entire garden or yard area. The lush faux turf is ideal for creating soft play areas, zoning spaces or framing planting beds and water features.


Balconies and Rooftops


Make the most of compact outdoor areas by installing artificial grass on balconies, patios or building rooftops. Enjoy green space for relaxing even several stories up!


Commercial Landscapes


Create stunning yet low maintenance landscapes around office buildings, retail outlets, cafes and other commercial settings with our resilient commercial-grade grass carpets.


Leisure Facilities 


From golf courses and sports pitches to hotel pool surrounds, grass carpets are ideal for busy leisure destinations as they cope well with intensive foot traffic and wear.


Indoor Spaces


Artificial turf can even be used inside your home or office space to make a bold design statement. Opt for our pet-friendly indoor carpets in playrooms, laundry areas or even as unique flooring in living spaces.

With grass carpets suitable for almost any location, let Al Musthafa Landscape create the perfect green oasis to enhance your property, whatever its size or use.

Why Choose Al Musthafa Landscape for Artificial Grass Installation in Dubai?

With over a decade of experience delivering stunning landscaping projects across the UAE, Al Musthafa Landscape has earned a reputation for premium quality design, materials and workmanship.

When looking for the best artificial grass supplier in Dubai, choose us for:


Industry Leading Brands


We only source turf and grass carpets from the most reputable manufacturers across Europe. By partnering with leading brands in the synthetic grass industry, we can provide the finest quality materials backed by long warranties for performance and durability.


Expert Consultation


From identifying the right type of grass carpet and pile height for your needs to advising on base works and maintenance, our team of landscaping experts offer invaluable guidance. We’ll ensure you achieve a beautiful, hardwearing grass installation perfect for your space.


Bespoke Solutions


With state-of-the-art tools and specialist techniques, our experienced landscapers can create unique grass carpet shapes, sizes and configurations. Benefit from customized grass installations tailored to your exact specifications.


Efficient Installation


We make installing synthetic grass simple and mess-free. Our team will prepare the base, cut turf to precision fit your area, seamlessly join sections and secure the edges for a flawless finish. We also remove all waste materials, leaving your space pristine.


Ongoing Support


While our artificial grass carpets require very little maintenance, Al Musthafa Landscape is on hand to assist with top-dressing, cleaning or minor repairs to ensure your lawn stays lush and vibrant. 

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Transform your outdoor space with lush, vibrant grass carpets from leading landscape supplier Al Musthafa. As experienced installers of premium quality synthetic turf across Dubai and the wider UAE, we create stunning yet practical landscape solutions for homes and businesses.

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