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Gazebo Construction in Dubai by the Leading Contractors

No 1. Gazebo Construction Company in Dubai

Are you looking to build a high-quality gazebo in Dubai? Al Musthafa Landscape offers premier gazebo construction services in Dubai, standing out as a leading company in this field that offers expert design, building and installation services for residential and commercial properties. With over decade of experience, we have established ourselves as the top contractors for gazebos, pergolas and other outdoor structures in Dubai.

At Al Musthafa Landscape, we understand that a gazebo is an important investment that adds elegance, sophistication and purpose to your outdoor space. Our team of highly-skilled professionals work closely with every client in Dubai and nearby areas to design and construct gazebos that perfectly complement their home or business landscape.

Why Choose Us for Your Gazebo Construction in Dubai?

There are many reasons to choose Al Musthafa Landscape for your gazebo construction project:

Custom Designs


Every client has unique needs and preferences when it comes to their ideal gazebo. Our experts will consult with you to develop custom gazebo designs that fulfil your exact requirements for size, shape, materials, finishes and features. We can create beautiful wooden, metal or glass gazebos of various shapes like octagonal, hexagonal etc.


High-Quality Materials


As a leading supplier, we only use the highest grade weather-resistant and durable materials like treated wood, powder-coated aluminum, tempered glass etc. to build gazebos that will withstand the UAE climate and last for years to come.


Skilled Craftsmanship


Our team has extensive technical expertise in gazebo construction using the latest techniques and building codes. We ensure precise workmanship at every stage – from laying foundations to installing roofs.


Smooth Project Management


We make the entire process hassle-free for clients by taking care of all required approvals and permits, sourcing of materials, supervision of labor and schedules. We will handle everything smoothly while you relax.




We provide necessary warranties and guarantees on workmanship, materials and finishing to give you complete peace of mind.

Our commitment to excellence in every aspect of gazebo construction is unwavering – that’s why we are one of the most trusted names in this field in Dubai.

Our Gazebo Construction Process

We take a phased approach to provide exceptional gazebo construction services:

  • Consultation – We discuss your needs, style preferences, intended uses, budget and site measurements to formulate a design plan.
  • Design & Planning – Our team will create a detailed architectural gazebo plan with 3D designs, working drawings, material specifications and timeline.
  • Approvals & Permits – We will get all necessary clearances and permits from authorities.
  • Site Preparation – Our team will prepare the site as per requirements before starting construction.
  • Gazebo Construction – We follow the highest standards in construction using quality materials and skilled workers.
  • Finishing & Installation – After the structure is complete, we add finishes like lighting, roofing, screens etc. to bring the gazebo design to life.
  • Inspections & Handover – Once the gazebo passes all quality checks, we will do a final handover after resolving any pending items.

Range of Gazebos We Offer

We have experience in building gazebos of all sizes, shapes and styles:

  • Wooden Gazebos
  • Metal & Aluminum Gazebos
  • Glass Gazebos
  • Screened Gazebos
  • Octagonal Gazebos
  • Gazebos with Fireplace
  • Luxury/Designer Gazebos

Whether you need a simple open gazebo or a fully-furnished enclosed one, our team can customize it to match your landscape vision.

While our expertise is in gazebos, we also provide solutions for those seeking alternative outdoor structures like tents, ensuring versatility in our service range. This flexibility allows us to cater to a wide range of client needs and preferences.

Why Choose a Gazebo for Your Dubai Property?

A gazebo can transform your outdoor space in Dubai into an elegant entertaining area or a serene spot for relaxation. Here are some great reasons to invest in a custom-built gazebo:

Weather Protection


A quality gazebo provides excellent shelter from the sun, rain and wind. You can enjoy being outdoors in comfort all year round. The roof and screened sides offer shade and privacy.


Extra Living Space


A gazebo adds a spacious, useful living area to your backyard or patio. You can comfortably host gatherings, have meals and spend time with family under the gazebo.


Enhanced Property Value


Investing in a professionally built gazebo can significantly increase the value of your Dubai property. A gazebo shows off your home landscape and gives your outdoors an upscale look.


Flexible Usage


Gazebos are highly versatile. Use your gazebo for dining, lounging, meditating, hot tub enclosures or even for storing outdoor furniture and grills when not in use.


Aesthetic Appeal


A well-designed gazebo acts as an eye-catching focal point and makes your garden look like a resort. Our team creates gorgeous gazebos that complement your home’s architecture.




We construct your gazebo precisely according to your lifestyle needs and preferences. Get creative with shape, materials, finishes, furniture, lighting, screens and more.

How Much Does Building a Gazebo Cost in Dubai?

Gazebo construction costs in Dubai depend on:

  • Type of materials – wood, aluminum, glass etc.
  • Size and shape
  • Whether enclosed or open
  • Accessories like lighting, screens, benches etc.
  • Site preparation needs

Gazebos can range anywhere from AED 5,000 to 15,000 AED 

Al Musthafa Landscape offers very competitive rates without compromising on quality. Our experts will provide an accurate quote after assessing your project.

Maintaining Your Gazebo

With quality construction and materials, gazebos are generally low maintenance. Here are some tips:

  • Inspect it periodically to check for any damage or leaks especially after adverse weather. Get repairs done promptly.
  • Use weatherproof paints/finishes to prevent moisture damage and fading. Reapply as needed.
  • Clear debris from the roof and clean the structure with mild detergent and water.
  • Check screens for tears and seams for separation. Mend them to keep pests out.
  • Tighten fasteners whenever required to keep the gazebo sturdy.
  • Consider re-staining or painting every 2-3 years for upkeep.

Get in touch with us for any gazebo maintenance needs as well as general landscaping works in Dubai. Our team is always ready to assist and ensure your gazebo stays like new for years while enhancing your exterior space.

With Al Musthafa Landscape, you are guaranteed exceptional quality gazebos designed and built specifically for your home or business in Dubai. Call  now for a free consultation and quote from our experts.


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