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Balcony Artificial Grass in Dubai

Give Your Balcony a Green Makeover

If you’re looking to enhance your Dubai apartment or villa’s balcony with some greenery without the hassle of maintenance, installing high quality artificial grass is an ideal solution. As a leading supplier and installer of balcony artificial grass in Dubai and across the UAE, Al Musthafa Landscape offers premium synthetic turf that perfectly simulates natural grass.

Why Choose Balcony Artificial Grass?

Balcony artificial grass provides a lush, vibrant, and always green lawn or carpeting for your outdoor space. It is suitable for balconies, patios, rooftops, and terraces in homes, hotels, offices and more. Here are some key reasons to install artificial grass on your balcony:




Our artificial grass for balconies uses premium polyethylene blades that retain shape and color for many years, even in harsh UAE weather. It stands up well to heavy foot traffic, too.


Low Maintenance:


You don’t need to water or mow artificial grass! It saves you time, effort and cost compared to natural grass. Occasional cleaning to remove dust is all that’s needed.


Pet and Kid Friendly:


The ISO certified turf we install is non-toxic with antimicrobial protection making it 100% safe for kids and pets. No mud or allergies!




We offer artificial grass in varied pile heights, blade color/patterns and backing to match your space. Our experts also create custom size grass mats for perfect balcony coverage.

Our Balcony Artificial Grass Installation Services​

With over a decade of experience installing the best artificial grass across Dubai homes and commercial establishments, Al Musthafa Landscape provides complete solutions for enhancing your balcony with lush greens.

Site Evaluation:


Our specialist visits your site to take exact measurements and assess the balcony floor, drainage and other aspects before recommending the most suitable artificial grass options.

Custom Fabrication:


We fabricate premium artificial grass mats that are custom-cut to size and shape to fit your balcony area perfectly, reducing wastage and installation time.

Professional Installation:


Our skilled team installs the synthetic grass securely using heavy-duty glue and seam tape ensuring there are no tears, wrinkles or bubbles along the way.

Accessories & Extras:


We offer add-ons like smart drainage sheets below the grass, balcony border edging for a neat finish and more to enhance functionality and aesthetics.


Experience Quality Balcony Artificial Grass in Dubai

When you choose Al Musthafa Landscape for artificial grass installation in your Dubai home, you can expect a fabulous lawn that enhances your outdoor living space. Our ISO certified turf combines durability with natural looks. The artificial grass transforms even tiny balconies into an urban oasis!

What Makes Our Turf Special?

Superior Materials:


We source high quality artificial grass with premium polyethylene blades, water-permeable latex backing and polyurethane underlayment for stability and durability.


Realistic Details:


The ISO certified grass we install has varied blade heights, shapes and colors that convincingly simulate natural lawn grass. Details like thatching recreate an authentic lush turf look.


Special Treatment:


The artificial grass is treated to withstand UAE’s harsh climate. It is UV stabilized to prevent color fading and coated to reduce heat absorption.




Our artificial grass is lead-free, non-toxic and safe for kids and pets. The antimicrobial treatment prevents bacterial growth.


Custom Options:


We offer artificial grass turf in different pile heights, blade shapes, thatching and color shades. This allows us to match your preferences and space requirements.


Why Choose Al Musthafa Landscape?

With over a decade of experience in Dubai’s artificial landscape industry, we are a leading company providing exceptional customer service. Here are some key reasons why property owners trust us to install balcony artificial grass:

Premium Products:

We partner with the most reputed artificial turf manufacturers across UAE to source durable, natural looking grass.

Expert Guidance:

Our qualified grass experts provide tailored solutions and practical recommendations on selecting the ideal artificial grass options for your needs and budget.

Smooth Process:

We make balcony grass installation hassle-free – from site evaluation to custom fabrication to professional installation and beyond.

Proven Track Record:

Over the past few years, we have installed artificial grass for countless satisfied customers across Dubai – homes, hotels, offices etc.

Let our artificial grass specialists visit your site in Dubai for a free consultation. Call +971 55 523 4669 or email [email protected] to transform your apartment balcony into an urban oasis!


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