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Get the Best Artificial Grass for Your Balcony From Al Musthafa Landscape


Artificial grass is the perfect way to transform your balcony into a beautiful good looking nature-friendly balcony that anyone would enjoy. Our 100% fine artificial grass for the balcony will make you and your loved ones feel at peace.

We offer fake grass for the balcony and patio, with a variety of vibrant colours to better suit your home’s aesthetics.

Want an innovative look at your balcony? Our ideal grass mat instantly transforms your outdoor space and leaves a lasting effect on the overall decoration statement of your house.

We Focus On Providing a Perfect Look for Your Balcony with Our High-Quality Fake Grass

We are a leading artificial grass company in dubai and have been providing high-quality products for our customers for years. Having fake balcony grass in your home is one way to emphasize the beauty of your place and is a good idea. When it comes to our products and services, we’re going above and beyond to ensure they are eco-friendly, safe and reliable.

You won’t find anyone out there who is quicker & safer than we are. Our experience has taught us that well-planned artificial grass can enhance the beauty of any outdoor space.

Our employees are well-trained and focused on providing exactly what you need for your location. They have a lot of experience and will make your project a success.

Bring the Beauty of Nature to Your Balcony with Our Affordable Grass


It is no wonder our customers are happy with the value we offer. Artificial grass doesn’t come cheap, and we ensure that our clients get the job done affordably. We deliver stylish and appealing grass designs on a balcony that will make you happy with your purchase.

You either order from us or ask for samples from us, and we will get back to you. We want to ensure complete satisfaction with our samples. In order to ensure this, we only take orders after you have seen them and we’re confident in their quality.

Get the Perfect Fit for Your Balcony with Our Customizable Artificial Grass Carpets

For our customers to receive our top-notch service, we now have the opportunity for you to order custom-made artificial grass carpets for your balconies. We care about our customers and try to provide them with what they desire.

We have a team of professional designers led by some of the industry’s leading minds. We produce quality products and keep a watchful eye on every detail, making sure your final product is just what you are looking for. Let us help get your home a lush balcony.

It is possible to install a customized artificial turf on your property and save yourself time & money. You won’t have to worry about changing the water & soil at all, unlike traditional grass installations. This process will take just a few days instead of weeks or months.

Unlike Real and Natural Grass, Our Fake Grass Mats Are Easy to Maintain



Our artificial grass mat is easy to clean and maintain and gives your balcony a lot of advantages like durability, sustainability, and full-time water resistance. You can enjoy many other benefits by getting your hands on our synthetic grass while also enjoying the pros that come with it. It’s also an economical option because it saves time in the long run due to its lack of maintenance requirements.

The appearance of our covers can be a massive boost to the natural look of your home. They come in various textures and designs that can make any outdoor space feel more comfortable, inviting and elegant.

Get the complete installation of this highly durable artificial grass at your house by hiring our workers. The mats are easy to place and remove, giving you more time to relax on your cushioned balcony.

Hire Our Professionals for a Clean Installation of Balcony Turf

If you want to make sure the area around your workplace or home looks perfect, hire a professional company like us. Our services are absolutely flawless, and anyone would be overjoyed with the results our team can provide.

We have worked on hundreds of different types of flooring and will do a perfect job in your home. You can rely on our contractors to deliver. They’ll take the exact measurements first so that installation can be done smoothly and you’ll get a beautiful place to live.

Our installation team is quick and efficient, and they do the installation without frustration, so your home can be enjoyed right after the installation.

Get our excellent installation services at really low rates and with minimal sacrifice.

Why Choose Al Musthafa Landscape & Gardening for You're Balcony Related Artificial Grass Needs?


Al Musthafa Landscape & Gardening is the best choice for your balcony-related artificial grass needs for many reasons! Some of those reasons include:

-We are experts in the field with many years of experience

-We use high-quality materials that are durable and look realistic

-We offer a variety of colours and styles to choose from

-We can custom design a solution that fits your specific needs

-We offer competitive pricing

-We have a team of professional installers who will do the job quickly and efficiently

-We offer a warranty on our products and services

Contact us today to learn more about why we are the best choice for your balcony artificial grass needs!


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