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Pool Artificial Grass in Dubai, UAE

Artificial grass has become a popular alternative to natural grass for swimming pool areas in Dubai due to its low maintenance, durability, and aesthetic appeal. Installing high-quality artificial turf around your pool in Dubai is the best way to enhance the beauty of your outdoor space while keeping your pool water and area perfectly clean.

Our experienced team at Al Musthafa Landscape offers custom artificial grass installations for swimming pools of all shapes and sizes. We provide a variety of turf options to complement your pool and landscape design, from lush green grass to tropical-inspired artificial plants and flowers.

Why Choose Artificial Grass for Your Dubai Pool?

Natural grass around pools requires a lot of care and maintenance. It needs frequent watering, mowing, cleaning of grass clippings, and application of chemicals and fertilizers. With Dubai’s intense heat and sunlight, real grass often becomes dry, patchy and unsightly around pool areas.

Artificial grass solves all these problems. It retains its fresh, green appearance year-round without any need for mowing, watering or trimming. The synthetic blades withstand Dubai’s hot climate, UV rays, chlorine and other pool chemicals without fading or deteriorating.

Our fake grass around pools in Dubai is also designed with state-of-the-art drainage technology so water flows right through, keeping the surface dry and pleasant to walk on. This prevents messy puddles from forming and eliminates slippery hazards.

Custom Design & Professional Installation

At Al Musthafa Landscape, our experienced team of landscape designers and installers will work closely with you to understand your vision for your pool area and recommend the best options to suit your needs.

We offer full custom design services, selecting the ideal artificial grass products, colors and textures for your unique space. We’ll handle all necessary site preparation and provide professional full-service installation of your luxury artificial grass surfacing.

Non-Slip, Durable Grass That Withstands Heavy Use

Our artificial turf for pools in Dubai is manufactured from the highest quality materials to provide exceptional durability and performance. The synthetic grass blades realistically mimic real grass in look and feel. But unlike natural grass, they stand up well to intense use and foot traffic around pools.

We use advanced backing technologies so our artificial grass stays firmly in place without shifting, rippling or detaching at the edges. The durable, stable woven base provides excellent drainage and allows you to comfortably walk, sit or play on the surface barefoot without getting abrasions.

The non-slip perforated backing makes our fake grass safe for pool areas that tend to get wet while maintaining surface integrity. No matter how many times you get in and out of the pool or splash water onto the grass, you’ll have complete peace of mind with our safe, high-traction synthetic turf.

Keep Your Pool Area Beautiful & Easy to Maintain

Caring for real grass around swimming pools can be a never-ending headache. But with Al Musthafa Landscape’s artificial grass products, you can finally relax and enjoy your pool without any laborious maintenance.

Our synthetic turf is designed to retain its fresh appearance and softness for over 10 years with minimal care required. You don’t have to worry aboutconstant mowing, fertilizing, aerating or dealing with muddy patches. All you need to do is occasionally brush the grass to keep it free of debris and rinse off any dirt buildup with water.

We only source our artificial grass from the most reputable manufacturers. Made from durable polymers and backed by extensive warranties, you can trust it will stand the test of time and heavy use in pool areas.

Enhance Your Poolside Area with Custom Artificial Landscaping

In addition to our lush synthetic grass, we offer custom artificial plants, trees, flowers and rock features to complement your pool area. This creates a gorgeous landscaped oasis that looks just as stunning as the real thing without any upkeep needed.

From date palms to colorful bougainvilleas to decorative rocks and accent lighting, our faux flora and hardscaping completes the look for your poolside paradise.

Contact Al Musthafa Landscape in Dubai for Your Pool Area Artificial Grass

Don’t settle for lackluster real grass or bare concrete around your swimming pool. Transform your outdoor space into a private backyard oasis with Al Musthafa Landscape’s premium artificial turf and landscaping. Schedule a free design consultation with our team today!


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